In my work I address themes of the non-attributable, the enigmatic, and the intangible. Based on a fascination for objects that do not allow definitive attributions in terms of their purpose or function, I develop my sculptural works.

Following this attraction, I approach a work simultaneously from the interior and the exterior. On the one hand, I locate an object’s origin inside myself. When I reach the limits in the pursuit of knowledge, I experience the ambiguous as an engine for a never-ending thought process. On the other hand, in the exterior world of materials, I find a high attraction to found objects. I’m particularly interested in those which evade designation or categorization and create a tension between the known and unknown. I am interested in the gap in-between, the density of the familiar and unfamiliar, the dichotomy between functionality and uselessness, and the play of illusion and deception. Through my work, I pass my experience on to the viewer: the objects become media of the imitation of my perception. The materiality of stoneware corresponds through its ability for refinement and its transformability, allowing a fluid approach to my work.


In my artistic practice, I work with intuitively perceived visions of bodies and objects. On a visual level, they transform serially into abstract forms that carry a high degree of self-determination as well as an openness for dialogue. Through their non-attributability, the objects open up space for thought, and thus enable an immersion into inner worlds of experience and microcosms.

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